Game rules


Change the network to BNB Smart Chain before connecting the wallet.

First, click Join Game by this you give the contract permission to request the needed amount of tokens from your wallet, then after 15 seconds, you can place a bet. 15 seconds is the time required for approval confirmation.


Blockchain: BNB Smart Chain

Game Currency: Binance-Peg BSC-USD

Gas Fee: BNB


Contract Hunt Ten: 0x9112EBB6cC14E8cB50bCd2B9aAF03560eC14B9E0

Contract Wild Five: 0x6Dada824F3727F4142a10d86C6e481A4633B98EF






Bit Finex




Fixed Float

Simple Swap

Coin Blinker






2 types of games, for 10 and 5 participants
10 or 5 participants
Everyone make the same bet
Every of 9 or 4 players win per 9% or 20% of the loser's bet amount
One of ten or five players lose his bet
The payout occurs immediately after the draw to the wallet of each of the 9 or 4 winning users.


10 or 5 PLAYERS

10 or 5 - The minimum number of participants in each game type HUNT TEN or WILD FIVE. The draw starts as soon as the tenth of fifth participant places his bet.


The amount of bets is the same for everyone. If the game accepts bets for example - $50, then you can’t bet $100, $500, $1,000, or any alternative bet other than $50. To do this you need to select another open game.

If there are no bets that you have accepted in the list of games, you can make your bet and then a new game will be automatically created, and everyone who makes the same bet will be added to the game until 10 or 5 participants are reached and the draw starts.


All transactions, deposit and withdrawal, are regulated by our smart contract without any centralized third parties. The winnings are paid out immediately after the draw.


The three-digit number must be entered before a bet is made. It will be included to be a part of a hash that is then used to determine the winner.

You by yourself can influence your luck.


There are strictly 10 or 5 participants in each game, 9 or 4 participants will be the winners, they will be determined in a completely random order. At what queue you have entered the game and your Totem does not matter, everything is decided only by your luck. One of the players becomes tenth or fifth, he loses his full bet, it will be consumed at 9% or 20% between all winners, 9% goes to the X9 Game fund. The service fee is 1% of the game bank.

For example - All players made bets of 1000 USDT, one of them lost, the others took 100 USDT for themselves, which were instantly transferred to their wallets with their bets. An income of 9% or 20% in a few minutes is not bad at all! Isn't it?


All work of the service is based on our smart contract, we don’t store the participants bets. When a participant makes a bet, it will proceed directly to the smart contract account and after the draw, the contract makes all payments directly to the participant's wallet. We do not influence this process.

The access to smart contract is available for analysis and audit by anyone.

For one game for each participant there are two transactions - a bet and a winning. In this case, it's important that the network fee is as low as possible. So we can’t use some blockchains. We have implemented our smart contract on BNB Smart Chain, which will be convenient due to a fairly low gas fee, but in the future we will include other blockchains to make the playing process as convenient as possible for each player.

X9 GAME for those who lost.

All players who have lost become participants in the additional X9 Game draw, which is played every 100 games for each bet amount.

For example - 100 games completed at 50 USDT. There can only be exactly 100 players who have lost in 100 games. The smart contract randomly selects the winner and transact to him 900% of the lost bet amount, in the example case 450 USDT

The payout occurs immediately after the draw to the wallet of one winner.

The X9 Game participants are sorted into groups depending on the game bet amount of in which they have participated

X9 Game - 50
X9 Game - 100
X9 Game - 500
X9 Game - 1000
X9 Game - 5000
X9 Game - 10000
X9 Game - 50000
X9 Game - 100000

If a user bet 50 USDT, they will only be entered into the draw with other players who have lost on the same bet once 100 games on that bet have been completed.

Also, if the user made other bets, then he will also participate in other groups of X9 Game draws.

Losses on one bet within these 100 games are summed up, if the user has lost a second time on the same bet, then he takes 2 of 100 places and thus increases his chances of receiving 900% of the game bet.

The X9 Game fund accumulates in the smart contract and no one can withdraw it. After 100 games, the smart contract randomly chooses the winner and transfers the winning to the wallet that has participated in the game.